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  • Fleece Dog Coats With Velcro Harness hole
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Fleece Dog Coats - Dog Coats With Velcro

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Share a warm luxury with your pet by warm Fleece Dog Coats. It's that extra comfort when they need it! Made from super soft-fleece lining, this Dog Coats With Velcro will keep them stylish and dry with it's retro design.

Keep your four-legged friend warm and dry with soft Fleece Dog Coats when the weather becomes unbearable or unpredictable. For those days when it's cold outside, long walks or your pup just needs extra protection when out and about, it's a charming dog coat no matter the occasion. Not only are Dog Coats With Velcro functional with it's easy take on and off application, but this Fleece Dog Coat is a fashionable addition for any canine in it's vibrant orange colour and retro quilted outer fabric.

Why We Love It:

  • Soft Fleece Lining
  • Warm & Comfortable
  • Quilted Fabric
  • Rib Neck Design
  • Refective Brim Visbility
  • Dog Coat With Velcro Fastener
  • Harness Hole
  • Available in Orange


Fleece, Cotton

Fleece Dog Coats With Velcro Harness Hole

Size Chart:

XS, S, M, L - 3XL

Sizes Guide:

Please note measurement varies for each product

Sizes Neck Chest Back Length
XS 30cm 34-38cm 27cm
S 36cm 40-52cm 32cm
M 40cm 50-58cm 36cm
L 42cm 54-64cm 40cm
48cm 62-70cm 44cm
2XL 50cm 66-80cm 48cm
3XL 64cm 76-90cm 61cm
  • Please allow 1cm-3cm dimension difference 
  • Please pick the larger of two sizes