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Cooling Dog Coat - Outdoor Mesh

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Dog On The Trail? Keep Them Safe With A Cooling Dog Coat

Cooling Dog Coat

Made of 3D Air Mesh fabric, this Dog Cooling Coat is sporty and stylish in design with high performance. Thick, yet lightweight and breathable. Dog will be comfortable while it's evaporated effect offers a refreshing touch.

Keeo Your Dog Cool In Summer

Cooling Dog Coats have an inner layer that absorbs water while slowly releasing to regulate pet's body temperature. While the outer offers UV heat protection, it's barrier evaporates moisture and excess heat for a comfortable cooling effect.

Why We Love It:

  • Breathable Mesh Lining
  • Durable Buckle
  • Adjustable Elastic
  • High Visbility
  • Reflective Design
  • Windproof Protect

How To Use:

Simply soak in water, twist out excess water if needed, put on your dog. Repeat steps to 'recharge' or when dry pour water on vest. For a more cooling effect, place in freezer for 10 minutes.

Size Chart:

M, L, XL - 2XL

Sizes Guide:

Please note measurement varies for each product

Sizes Neck Chest Back
M 36cm 45-65cm 38cm
L 43cm 57-75cm 48cm
XL 52cm 70-90cm 58cm
2XL 62cm 82-100cm
  • Please allow 1cm-3cm dimension difference 
  • Please pick the larger of two sizes if between sizes


This is a size guideline only, please allow 1-3cm difference between sizes.

Please note: Take measurements loosley to have room for your dog to move and breathe freely.

There might be a slight variance in colour difference between actual product and on screen, please allow it.