Benefits of Dog Life Jackets

Why Your Dog Needs A Dog life Jacket

Dog Life Jackets are important devices for pet’s water safety. The extra sense of security, visibility and accessibility factors in the useful benefits of Dog Life Jackets, made to give your dog buoyancy in the water just like human flotation vests. You may have heard of the term “doggy paddle” because most dog’s can naturally swim, however it does not hold true for all breeds and it is possible that dogs can struggle when it comes to staying above deep water, battling rough currents and waves.

Not wearing a life jacket results in 90% of boating-related accidents. While it is important to wear life jackets when around open waters, don’t let your water-loving dog go without a safety vest as not all canines have the same expertise when it comes to swimming. Fortunately, Dog Life Jackets will aid to provide a safe and secure environment in all types of water situations. From offshore boating, lakes, pools to active outdoor activities such as rafting, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding, you can never be too safe when dog life jackets can give you peace of mind.

Why Dogs Need A Life Jacket

Depending on the anatomy and physicality of your dog and why Dogs Need A Life Jacket, will highly depend on the type of breed. Some dog breeds with disproportionate bodies and large heavy heads such as bulldogs, boxers or pugs, will find it difficult at times to keep their vertical stance. These breeds are considered “top heavy” and are not biologically natural swimmings. With broad paws, short body shapes and small size, these breeds will have a hard time keeping their heads afloat, even though they may love the water!

For others, factors may include such as elongated body types to shorter legs in corgi, daschund, chow chow and maltese type dogs. While we tend to think that all dogs are good swimmers, less are inclined and it can be quite exhausting. There is a real risk of drowning for short-legged dogs or heavy fur dogs when swimming and at long periods of time, can result in tiresome energy from paddling. This is where you may need a Dog Life Jacket. Don’t let your biggest worry of your canine accidently falling into the water where they could potentially jump in.

Best Dog life Jackets

How To Measure A Dog Life Jacket

Find the perfect fit when looking for a high quality, durable and well-designed Dog Life Jacket for your dog. As for most dog clothing, life vests for dogs come in all different sizes and shapes. Simply Measure A Dog Life Jacket by weight, chest width and back length from the product description of each individual life jacket. While most dog life jackets are best measured by weight, note to measure the widest part of their body (chest) and neck are the most important. When in-between sizes or closer to the maximum, it is recommended to go one size up. This will allow the rule of thumb of two fingers to fit between your canine to the life jacket - allowing your dog to be comfortable without hindering any of their movements. 

What is the Best Dog Life Jackets

Select a quality vest with these essential features and attributes to choose What Is The Best Dog Life Jackets for you. Yes! Even if you aren’t planning on taking them for a swim, dog life jackets are a necessary water-safety device no matter the size and ability. Some of the best doggie paddlers can only tread water, before getting tired.

  • Buoyancy. The most important feature for dog life jackets is buoyancy with foam that supports better floating. Ensure it holds your dog’s weight, belly to chest support.
  • Visibility. Neon colours, prints and reflective stripes are always a better choice for visibility in the water. 
  • Adjustable. With adjustable straps on a dog vest, match your dog’s unique body shape.
  • Handles. Dog life jackets with Emergency Safety Handles will lift your dog with ease.

Best Dog Jacket Overall

The additional floating materials and built-in extra padding for this Dog Life Jacket Neck Float is an ideal to fit and overall best choice for most dogs without overwhelming the swimmer.

Best Dog Life Jacket Bouyancy

Best Dog Jacket For Kayaking

Durable, reflective and maximum support from chest to belly will be the best Dog Life Jacket For Kayaking. The Tailup Dog Life Jacket Safety Vest (Orange) will keep your best pal safe with Nylon safety emergency handles to lift from the water.

Best Dog life Jacket For Boating

This Strong Buoyancy Dog Life Jacket is made from water-repelling and high density oxford cloth. Strong and durable while comfortable for pet to use, this dog life jacket is best for open water landscapes such as boating for maximum support.

Best Dog life Jacket Boating

Best Small Dog Life Jacket

Find the Best Dog Life Jacket For Small Dogs with this Pet Safety Vest for XXS-XS companions. Sleek and great comfort, small breed dogs will have a secure fit.

Small Dog Life Jacket

Best Dog Jacket Visibility

Make it easy to spot your dog in the water with a unique Floating Wings Dog Life Jacket. While it's reflective stripe will be the Best Dog Life Jacket For Visibility in low light weather, the bright colour will flag any passerby, boaters or jet skiers.

Best Dog Life Jackets

Best Dog Jacket French Bulldog

Keep your dog safe and secure with the Shark Dog Life Jacket for French Bulldogs. Just as adorable in the water with it's shark fin, it is practical and fun for any water activity.

Dog Life Jacket Shark

Water Tips For Dogs

Safe-gaurding your dog anytime around the water is worth considering to ensure your pet has the equipment and aid for buoyancy and float. Even strong swimmers should have safety gear when you plan on taking them on aquatic landscapes, Life Jackets Are Required For Dogs and could be the difference to ensuring your pet’s safety against a dangerous situation. Before you take your water-loving dog for a dip, assess the surroundings whether you’re in open waters. From unpredictable tides, nearby boats, strong beach waves or lurking obstacles in the water. Supervise them at all times.

Crucially it is worth investing in Dog Life Jackets and floating device whether training for them to swim because this will give them confidence and buoyancy. Ultimately Dog Life Jackets Work with the same precautions as humans would need a life jacket themselves. Your dog would need one for fishing, boating, oceans to lakes and kayaking with the purpose for them to be visible in the water for likelihood of spotting them or pulling your pup out, if an unfortunate accident happens.