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Stylish dog clothes tika the iggy

This week we spotlight one of the most Instagram worthy dogs. Pet celebrity and dog-fluencer Tika the Iggy is a Dog Fashion icon who shot to fame by displaying her fun, quirky and even fashion-forward choices of dog clothes.

Who is "Tika the Iggy" you ask, only the most chicest greyhound with an enviable closet of Fashion Dog Coats in droolworthy sequin and tulle. From colourful turtlenecks to luxury pet accessories, read on to see our top Tika the Iggy #OOTD and her fiercest Styligh Dog Fashion looks yet.

Dog Coat Winter

Fashion For Dogs

Clothing is not just for humans now and neither is Fashion For Dogs! Iggies need dog clothes and it is quite essential to keep your italian greyhound comfortable in Winter. In this case, Tika the Iggy who lives in Montreal Canada, there are many practical reasons why a Dog Coat should be used especially in the cooler months. And just like that, dogs can also have fun with fashion too. For a statement piece, we love the functionality of a full body dog suit.

But this is Fashion For Dogs afterall - choose a vibrant colour or pattern so your fashionable pooch can stand out in the snow or be seen in low light on those late afternoon walkies or in grey weather. For the coldest of days, opt for longer leg coverage in a full body dog coat, this will ensure all round protective from harsh winds and will regulate your dog's body temperature.

Designer Dog Coats
Dog Coat North Face

Dog Coat Fleece - The Dog Face

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Looking for a stylish fashion piece? Why not opt for a Dog Coat with a high collar, we're all about Stylish Fashion For Dogs and the dual function that is designed to act like a scarf. For some small and thing breed dogs who experience fear during the cold or snow, dog coats are ideal when preventing these problems.

In cold weather conditions a winter dog coat will fight against extreme cold with outside temperatures and keep all areas warm such as their necks, ears, belly and back legs. With this coat design, a Dog Fleece Coat provides that full coverage to keep pup warm in any weather, whether your dog is more active and won't obsturct any movent to boosting their confidene, even in the most heavy terrains.

Dog Coat Winter

Winter Fashion Dog Coats

If there's one thing a stylish dog has taught us, that would be "dress to impress!" Whether that's wearing a stylish dog sweater for Winter walkies to travelling first class or just to stun at the dog park, a thick and warm Dog Coat is the perfect choice for when owner and dog to head out when it's cold and windy.

With a wide selection of Winter Dog Coats available online, choose a warming Dog Coat such as a dog puffer jacket made out of pet-friendly blends, waterproof, wind-resistant and padded for comfort against all weather elements. For pets who love Winter Fashion as much as their owners, a 'Tikka the Iggy' essential would be one of faux fur dog jackets or a coat with dramatic dog patterns.

When looking for a winter dog coat that has in innovative design, the attributes would be one that will not affect pup's full freedom of movement when outside on activites. Opt to choose a winter dog coat hat has an easy on/off design, while back and belly is well protected. An ideal solution when owners need a dog coat for quick walks.

 Designer Dog Coats

Dior Dog Coat

Dog Coat Fleece - Diog Jacket

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As many Winter Dog Coats vary, it is quite important to find a jacket that answers to your pet's needs. Whether you're looking for a coat that won't restrict your dog, the dog coat needs a hood or you're simply shopping for a lightweight Dog Jacket depending on the occasion. This dog fleece coat is a stunning choice for a fashion-conscious pup while keeping them warm, safe and the ability to retain body heat while staying comfortable. With a zipper closure feature, this dog coat is the perfect choice at the park.

Dog Sweater Tika Iggy

Stylish Dog Sweater

With many outfit inspirations from one of Instagram's most stylish dogs, it's always a good choice to be on-trend and toasty. A Dog Sweater is a must when modelling all her outfits, and with Tikka The Iggy's IT girl status, it should be fun and fearless when it comes to fashion dog clothes.

A dog sweater is a Winter fashion staple that can be for both humans and four-legged pals, especially on how to keep your dog warm and dry. If your fashionable pooch or princess pup love designer dog clothes as much as you, step into Fall and Winter with a sweater that is bright and colourful! A cable knit sweater will always be a good choice for furry pet friends, making it an all-season contender to keep dog ultimately warm and cozy. From turtlenecks, crochet dog patterns to a lightweight dog sweater vest - we've got what your looking for!

 Designer Dog Coats

Dog Sweater Gucci

Dog Sweater - Pucci Rainbow

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When light protection is needed outside keep your dog fashion choices to a sweater that is soft, breathable and made out of cotton blends. When it comes to finding a Dog Sweater with both fashion and function in mind, it entirely depends on the dogs preferences and outside environmental factors. While on-trend Dog Sweaters are the sharpest choice for an everyday knitwear look, why not get your furbaby a soft-to-touch and warm dog sweater before the weather starts to get tough.

Think your dog has high-fashion taste? With a wide range of Designer Dog Coats online, take inspiration from Tika the iggy and become the stylish dog we know some pups are. From fashion dog jackets, winter dog coats, luxury dog sweaters, gorgeous pet accessories the choices are endless for a fashionable pooch. Shop now and show us how do you style your designer dog coat!

Image Sources: Tika the Iggy Instagram