Signs You Are Obsessed With Your Dog

Signs You Are Obsessed With Your dog

It's safe to say that we can get a little bit obsessed with our dogs (in a good way!) they're fun, loving, loyal, playful and pretty much a part of our family. Being a dog owner has never been so fullfilling when you arrive back home from a tough day, and they are just waiting for us! They are happy to do everything with you, whether the activity is walking, biking or just hanging out, they are up for anything and every adventure.

Read on for reasons on why we love our dogs and more Signs You Are Obsessed With Your Dog as much as we are!

Dogs Relieve Stress 

While there are scientific reasons why ”You Are Obsessed With Your Dog”, as humans when building a connection with our furry little friends - looking into their eyes is a boost of a feel-good hormone called oxytocin. You know, when they give you those 'puppy dog eyes', you just can't resist. Not only do they make you feel happy, Dogs Relieve Stress, anxiety, they protect you, up for any adventure, great company to cuddle up in bed to watch a movie and totally have your back when times are tough. 

You Brag About Them

Having your beloved pup as a profile picture could be a reason why “You Are Obsessed With Your Dog”. They are just so darn cute! Whether we brag and take photos of them, or giving positive reinforcement. It is like a human equivalent to patting on their doggy head, because not to brag or anything... your pup is the cutest thing on planet earth! What science says about positive reinforcement with your dog and when you brag with them is not a bad thing - the ability for dogs to connect is the same neural mechanism as to process words with tones. As well as this, do you spend hours scrolling at Stylish Dogs on social media and cute dog videos? Looking at dog pictures can improve our stress and can be a powerful mood-enhancer. If your dog or others make you smile inside and out, there’s nothing that won’t stop us loving those furry creatures. We would be Obsessed With Your Dog too.

Spend More Time Grooming Our Pet

Whether it's a full-service grooming, high-end dog day cares, filing nails, Designer Dog Clothes to the full Dog Style treatment - sometimes we just spend more time grooming our pets than anyone else even ourselves! When we believe that our dogs really do deserve the best, the sky is the limit to pamper our BFF's. Looking for unique ways to treat your dog? Why not have an at-home dog day spa with your furry little friend in cute and cozy dog bathrobes. From bubble baths, soothing paw massages to aromatherapy and special hair treatment - this will truly elevate your at-home dog spa days, even better they get to spend more time with you.

Splurging On Designer Dog Clothes

When payday comes along, do you find yourself splurging on Designer Dog Clothes and Pet Accessories. We thought so, because even the most fashion conscious dogs can love fashion as much as their owners right? Don't worry, we've got a wide selection of Designer Dog Clothes, Designer Dog Coats and plush Dog Sweaters to get you sorted. While dressing up our pets with dog clothes, it is a form of self-expression which creates a bond with our favourite canine. While you are splurging on Designer Dog Clothes, it's not to say that it can't be stylish and functional at the same time. Whether your pet loves to play in the snow with a Dog Coat for extra protection without looking like a dull everyday coat -  it is just a treat to look just as cute without compromising on style, they can enjoy themselves no matter the occasion.

They Spend More Time in Your Bed

Don’t you just wish that you could sleep next to your pet! While many of us allow our dogs to sleep in the same bed with us, they are just the cutest cuddle buddy or Netflix and chill partner to relax after a long day at the dog park. It’s just so comforting when you sleep next to your pet, they feel protective and secure and just want to lay next to their best friend! While our beloved dogs and their sleeping habits can say a lot especially when your dogs relieve stress - why not treat your best companion and reward them with a Dog Bed or plush Designer Dog Bed, it will feel just like a hug. Dogs love finding a resting spot that feels just as comfortable as your bed to stretch out, curl up and legs stretched out like a starfish. It's always best to give them a few options but of course, it's important for both pet and owner to sleep without any distrubances!