10 Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer

How To Keep Dogs Cool In Summer

Hot weather is fast approaching and now it's time to find Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer. Beat the heat with these helpful tips on cooling down your pet to keeping your dog safe when it's hot outside, because just like humans - dogs can overheat!

When Summer is here, you'll want to be prepared especially on those extremely hot days where you want to share going outside with your furry friends. So how do you pup cool in Summer and keeping your pets protected, healthy and safe when temperatures are hard to handle? During Summer days many pets and dogs are prone to dehyration and heatstroke - read more for some essential Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer with Summer Dog Accessories, Dog Cooling Coats and Products To Keep Your Dog Cool to help them chill out.

Dog Cooling Coat

Dog Cooling Coat

When you plan to spend time outdoors whether boating, hiking or under the sun water adventures -  make a Dog Cooling Coat a helpful aid for cooling down your dog at a safe rate! While the technology of a cooling dog coat works to gradually release water through evaporation, this simple yet effective way can reduce some stress, overheating to keeping dog's body temperatures down. A Dog Cooling Coat will cover the back and chest area of your pet, that is easy to use that is simply soaked with water to active. While the coat is wet, the effects of the sun dries out the coat while evaporating water will cool dog's skin at the same time. With a wide variety of Dog Cooling Coats available, your dog won't mind wearing this, especially adventurous pups that are always on the move!

Cooling Dog Mat

Dog Cooling Mat

Do you find that your furry little friend tends to lay flat on tiles during hot Summer days? We don't blame them. Ice pads and Cooling Dog Mats will not only keep your dog calm and cool, but they will provide ample cushioning with a fresh feeling surface. A Dog Cooling Mat and it's self-cooling technology works to be activated when applied with pressure which are usually made of inner gel that is safe and non-toxic for pet's leading to that instant sensation! From Dog Cooling Mats, pet ice cooling pads, Dog Cooling Beds, there is a wide variety to choose from to easily keep your dog cool in Summer. User friendly, portable and travel safe, a Dog Cooling Mat can be used as a soft cool base indoors, outdoors in their kennel or as a lining for their dog bed.

Dog Ice Mould

Dog Treat Moulds

Chilled dog treats for Summer is a super easy and fun ways to keep your dog cool! From dog friendly ice cubes, smoothie cubes, healthy bone broth dog treats to icy dog popsicles - Dog Treat Moulds are perfect for pups that will surely help beat the Summer heat. Freezing dog treat moulds is a safe and healthy option for providing your dogs an icy treat that can be served as a cold meal made at home! All you have to do is use a Silicone Dog Treat Mould with your chosen blend and pop it right in the freezer. From frozen banana bites, watermelon dog smoothies, nutrient based blends to freezing ice Dog Treat Moulds, pup will love having Frozen Dog Treats For Summer, it will be a must while it's scorching hot outside.

Chewy Dog Bowl

Keep Your Dog Hydrated and Cool

Whether you're at home, walking, traveling or outside on outdoor adventures during the warmer months, there are many tricks and tips to Keep Your Dogs Hydrated and Cool. Your dog will need two times as much water, so make sure there is plenty of cold water around the house and their bowls always full! A great tip is having multi-point water sources with dog bowls filled with fresh water when needed. It is quite common that dogs can suffer from dehyration and overheating so it's important to watch for signs when pup is struggling. Got yourself a picky drinker? Add Bouillon Chicken or beef bouillon broth to their drinking bowl. Your dog will certainly enjoy having a pleasant smell as well as having some nutritional value while you Keep Your Dog Hydrated.

Dog Summer Shirts

Dog Summer Shirts

Dog Clothes is not just for aesthetics, some small breed dogs, short hair dogs, senior dogs can benefit from using dog clothing and dog fashion that is both functional and stylish. Why not consider to dress your pup in Dog Sun Shirts that are breathable and protect them under harsh UV rays. Summer Dog Shirts can be safely used to fight against getting sunburnt while feeling comfortable without restricting their activities. From cute Dog Summer Shirts in vibrant colours to statement dog t-shirts, Hawaiian Dog Shirts, beach dog shirts to a soft cotton dog shirt - you'll be prepared when it comes to cooling your pet in Summer with a wide range of Summer Dog Shirts available. Beach, surf or backyard, your pup will be ready to chill and relax in the shade.

Dog Cool Summer Swimming Jacket

Have Fun In The Water

Are you noticing your dog struggling against the heat? Treat them and have fun in the water. If you have a shady spot in your backyard, setting up a dog paddling pool is a cool and safe way To Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer, they would love dipping their paws in cool sensation. Planning for a pool day or heading out to the lake or beach? If you have a dog that is not so confident to dip in, Dog Life Jackets are an effective way to keep your pup afloat while swimming. These dog life jackets not only help poor swimmers, but can be used as a protective coat while swimming by boats or other passerbys. With many Dog Life Jackets featuring reflective or vibrant colours, dog can still have fun in the water while being easily visible and UV protected to fight against the sun.

Dog Cooling Harness Summer

Walk During Cooler Times of Day

When walking or jogging with your pet, consider changing your daily routine to avoid going out during the hottest peak temperature times. Usually the hottest is between 10am-4pm with a risk of dehydration or heatstroke without ample shady areas. When having a walk during cooler times of the day such as early in the morning to a breezy afernoon, pup will appreciate and feel more relieved when they are not on hot pavement with their paws to having a shady spot to do their business. Additionally if you live in hot country, consider doing shorter walks and a Dog Cooling Harness is perfect for reflecting any of the sun's heat while keeping it breathable with maximum cooling comfort. Bring along water with you always and take more frequent breaks.

Dog Pattern Bandana Palm

Dog Summer Accessories

While our beloved dogs can get overheated under the scorching sun and warm Summer temperatures, thankfully there are many ways to help Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer. With some cooling Dog Summer Accessories, don't let the warm weather stop any opportunities you can spend with your furry little friend! Dog Bandanas, Summer Dog Sunglasses to Dog Summer Hats are a funky way to accessorize for your pet that will keep them cool and prevent them from sunburn, protect against UV Rays and minimize overheating during those unbearable days. Who knew Dog Summer Accessories were so much fun? Whether it's on holiday or vacation, pup will be ready to take on the sand and surf. Don't forget to slap on dog-friendly SPF sunblock of course.

Dog Towel

Wet Damp Towels

Aid to your pup's stress of struggling against the heat and Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer with a wet damp towel or blanket. Simply soak the Dog Bath Towel in a bucket of water or cool water and place it in the freezer and drape over your pet as a fast cooling solution. It is recommended that it is not to be as cold for smaller dogs, than big dogs. As wetting Dog Towels will gradually cool down your pet - being in a slight breeze and under shade too will prevent your dogs from overheating.

Signs of Heatstroke With Dogs

When it comes to Summer safety with dogs, it's important to watch out the Signs of Heatstroke With Dogs and it's symptoms. As heatstroke and dehydration can be quite dangerous for our four legged friends during the hot Summer months, symptoms may include:

  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Rapid Panting
  • Thick Sticky Saliva
  • Weakness
  • Bright Red Tongue
  • Inscreased Heart Rate
  • Diarrhea
  • Red / Pale Gums
  • Loss of Consciousness
  • Uncoordinated Movement

As a pawrent if you suspect your dog to be having a heatstroke from the first signs of heat exhaustion, remove the dog immediately from the sun and into shade with fan and water or bathing with cool (not cold) water. When it's essential to know the Signs of Heatstroke With Your Dog, it's always important to keep your dog safe and healthy against sun protection and for any of these symptoms and discomfort to become worse, they require medical attention and when in doubt to call your vet.

Warmer months ahead can be a lot of fun for you and your pet, while wanting to Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer seems to need a little more attention to attend, your favourite furball will love you with these Summer Dog Accessories and Products To Keep Your Dog Cool when the weather becomes unbearable. From cooling dog mats to alleviate their stress at night, dog cooling ice pads, Dog Cooling Coats along with icy dog treats to indulge in, dog will be happy enjoying some fun in the sun to stay cool and play safe!