Best Dog Beds To Match Your Home

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For most pawrents out there... our four legged companion deserves a comfortable dog bed, aferall - buying the Best Dog Beds to Match Your Home should include fitting the decor! From luxury dog beds, plush dog beds, Designer Dog Beds to dog lounges and comforting pet beds, owners can now shop to meet pup's needs without sacrificing on comfort and style.

From a cozy place where they can devote some down time, a safe haven to relax or the perfect nap spot to drift off into a dreamland nod - we've rounded up our top options of Stylish Dog Beds fit for any fur baby!

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Choosing A Dog Bed

When finding the ideal dog bed for your beloved canine that will not only match your overall home decor and style, consider these few factors to ensure Choosing A Dog Bed will meet your pet's use, support and comfort. For those who prefer to fill our homes with dog supplies that don't exactly look like dog products, pup can now snooze in exceptional Designer Dog Beds for even the most demanding of home interiors!

As with any contemporary, luxury or design orientated home - when choosing a dog bed, let your form come together effortlessly. While choosing The Best Dog Bed To Match Your Home there are a few factors to consider whether it is the size of your dog, age, sleeping habits, home space, climate to functionality.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Dog Bed:

  • Size - Determine Their Size
  • Comfort - Sleep, Nap or Relax
  • Material - Luxury, Calm & Cool, Warm & Cozy
  • Function - Support, Multi-Purpose or Waterproof
  • Style - Designer, Modern or Chic

When observing your dog and sleeping postions and preference, measure their length and width area that will determine the dimensions when choosing the right bed. With a wide range of dog beds in various colours, covers, sizes, comfort and functionality - ask yourself a few of these questions first. Does your small dog like to snuggles 'nest'? Does your big dog like to spread out whilst relaxing or is your dog a serious cuddler and curl up their own little cave that feels comforting and secure for them?

Read on and shop for The Best Dog Beds from designer, luxury, lounge chic to cool - we've got the dog beds for every pup's needs that will suit your style and match your home.

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Designer Dog Bed

Are you looking for a Designer Dog Bed to match your style but effortlessly sleek enough to place a space in your home? The rise of designer dog beds are having a big moment in the interior design world along with making a fashion statement! Designer Dog Beds add that little bit of luxury, so why not treat your pet? For pampered pups out there Designer Dog Beds are reserved are only the bougiest. Both comfortable and stylish, it is a great way to elevate your home whether you're looking to freshen up your space, match your decor to glamming up pet's corner.

Elevating your pet's space has never been so much fun where you'll both get exactly what you want. From tasteful dog beds to designer inspired, what a way to express you and your dogs personailty while enhancing your home! With a wide range of Designer Dog Beds made just for fashion-conscious pups and owners, you're going to love seeing your beloved dog curled up in this bed that suits the decor while making a stylish statement.

Chewy V Dog Bed Pink

Luxury Dog Beds

Your dog deserves the best, so don't go snoozin' on Luxury Dog Beds when it comes to decorating your home! It's time to upgrade your pet's sleeping place for that luxurious premium class comfort and blissful rest. When it comes to Luxury Dog Beds, lookout for the right dog bed that will compliment your interior taste, home decor and space. If your room is modern and contemporary, why not go for unique textures such as linen, crushed velvet, faux fur or fleece that add's interest and depth. Is your dog craving to sleep in a warm and cozy spot? Make it an everyday luxury for your favourite canine and opt for snuggly and soft Dog Beds, engineered to help your pup have a dreamy and comforting sleep.

For a dog owner who loves add a touch of sophistication to their home, Plush Luxury Dog Beds are the perfect choice with it's soft to touch fabric. Luxury Dog Beds don't have to make loud statement, yet, make it effortless to match your home with clean and minimalistic designs in neutral tones. As plush materials have a luxury feel, it is not only perfect for anxious pups and nap loving pets but it's just as comforting, like sleeping on a cloud.

Luxury Dog Bed Lounge

Dog Lounge Bed

Got a pup devoted to a good Dog Lounge? Give your dog the best gift ever that will be worth a million naps. For four legged friends who don't need soft beds, yet something a little more firm with added support - this Dog Lounge Bed will feel 'tailored just for you' and your pet. With 3 different ways to utilize this dog bed, it is the most versatile considering your dog's sleeping preference and position, used the way your dog loves the most. Whether pup needs to nap, rest or sleep - this multifunctional dog bed is super comforting for any pet as a nest to curl up at night, a modern dog bed sofa with a pillow rest or layed flat for the ultimate Dog Lounge Bed experience.  available in minimalist colours to match any interior home.

Chewy Dog Bed Pink

Cool Dog Bed

We're not just talking about street cred here, but if you're looking for a custom and personalized dog bed that's both decorative and functional - let your pup's paws chill out in style with this Cooling Dog Bed during Summer! The good news is, this Cool Dog Bed and pet cooling mat will make a unique addition to your home with it's variety of colours and designs to match. Don't let your pup lay on the hardwood floor, tiles or carpet without this stylish yet convenient summer Cool Dog Bed. The overall design? Pool party or Hot Dog Summer. If your princess pooch or pampered pup tends to overheat, this easy to use and portable cooling dog bed can be placed inside or outdoors but best of all, adopts to a stylish home prone to make a statement. With so many lovely designs of Cool Dog Beds and pet cooling mats, you'll be able to colour co-ordinate to your hearts desire!

When it's time to upgrade a once dull sleeping spot for your pet, they'll be lounging in no time with these stylish yet fashionable dog beds. From day time naps to every luxuries - you can find what suits your dog's preferences the best, whether sleeping, napping or in their most lounging slumber.